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What is the “Best Rifle?”

By Mark V. Lonsdale As long as men have carried guns, they have been arguing about the best rifle, the best pistol, or the best caliber. Now with the proliferation of the internet, and Facebook in particular, seeing “What is … Continue reading

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The Beginners Guide to Long Range Shooting – Part 2. The Importance of Good Ammunition

By Mark V. Lonsdale Author’s Note: This is not a how-to guide to reloading, but it will get the novice thinking about quality over quantity. When competing at the national and international levels in many sports, first and second place … Continue reading

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A Beginners’ Guide to Becoming a Successful Long Range Shooter

By Mark V. Lonsdale, STTU Back when IPSC shooting was in its infancy, a shooter asked current world champion, Ray Chapman, “What was the secret to good shooting?” His answer was brilliant in its simplicity – “Don’t move the gun … Continue reading

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Building a Reloading or Gunsmithing Bench on a Budget

Tactical Rifle Shooters  With over 40 years in shooting sports, and having moved house seven times, I have lost count of how many work benches, gunsmithing benches, and reloading benches that I have built. So while I am no skilled … Continue reading

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