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A Rookie Guide to Competitive Shooting

By Mark V. Lonsdale, Training Director “To compete or not to compete, that is the question…,” to paraphrase Will Shakespeare. But then he wasn’t a competitive shooter. I can state categorically that competition shooting will make you an all-round better … Continue reading

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Bullets & Barrels – Making the Right Choice

By Mark V. Lonsdale Premise: What’s more important – the bullet or the barrel twist? I see more than a few rookie shooters on Facebook asking about the best load for a specific bullet but without knowing their barrel twist. … Continue reading

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A Beginners’ Guide to Becoming a Successful Long Range Shooter

By Mark V. Lonsdale, STTU Back when IPSC shooting was in its infancy, a shooter asked current world champion, Ray Chapman, “What was the secret to good shooting?” His answer was brilliant in its simplicity – “Don’t move the gun … Continue reading

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A Beginner’s Guide to Scope Mounting

By Mark V. Lonsdale It’s a source of constant amazement to see how many people turn up at the range with no clue how to zero their scopes or, quite often, they are incorrectly mounted to begin with. More than … Continue reading

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Anatomy of an Extreme Long Range Rifle

By Mark V. Lonsdale Ten-time National Champion and Team USA World championship shooter, Paul Phillips, also with Team AB, was kind enough to share the specs on his King of 2 Miles (Ko2M) rifle. This rifle is a veritable beast … Continue reading

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