Reloading Tech Tip

By Mark V. Lonsdale

“Accuracy is the Product of Uniformity”

Looking for that added precision or tighter groups? Do you batch your bullets?

Even with match-grade bullets you will find a variance in weight ranging two or three tenths of a grain in either direction. Hunting bullets can have an even wide range in weights, but this is less critical since the precision/accuracy requirement is more forgiving.


One of the useful tools for batching bullets is inexpensive fishing tackle boxes or the screw and nail organizers found at hardware stores or online.

In the example above, I started with a bulk box of 500 Sierra 168 SMKs. You can see by the labels that these ranged from 167.7 grains to 168.2 grains. The variation is not important if you load and shoot these in batches. You can see by the empty compartment that I had just loaded all the 167.9 grain bullets. The reason there are two 167.9 compartments is the bullets were two different coloration so possibly two different alloys or production runs.

The bullets red labeled low left are ones that fall outside of the 0.5 grain range or have some other noticeable blemish. The ones that are exactly 168 or 168.1 grains I save for competition but there is no noticeable difference in group size between 167.8 and 168.2 as long as they are loaded into batches of the same weight.

Peterson 308 Berger185


Stay tuned for additional reloading tech tips.


MVL Accuracy Uniformity

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