Bix’n Andy’s Dakota Trigger

By Mark V. Lonsdale, STTU

Looking for a solid, no nonsense trigger for tactical or practical applications? You won’t be disappointed with the Bix’n Andy Dakota. I’ve been running one for over a month on one of my .300 Win Mags with flawless results.

As some of you know, last season I ran the awesome Bix’n Andy TacSport Pro trigger in my multiple award winning ELR .416 Barrett. As a pro shooter I could not ask for a finer competition trigger.


Competition winning Bix’n Andy TacSport Pro 

Mark Lonsdale Shooter 20190628

Ko2M ELR .416 Barrett built on a BAT action, Bartlein barrel, mounted in a McMillan Beast-2 stock, with the Bix’n Andy trigger

Now Bullet Central and Bix’n Andy have introduced a more robust, affordable trigger for every day use – the Dakota. I recently mounted this trigger in one of my .300 WinMags for evaluation – an easy trigger switch for a Rem 700 long action, plus the trigger can be mounted with or without the bottom bolt release. If you have a side bolt release, such as on a Stiller Action, then it is a simple matter of removing the two small Torx screws.

Dakota 300WM

Bix’n Andy DAKOTA with bottom bolt release on a Rem 700 long action. Mounting is a simple process of punching out two cross pins and replacing the stock trigger

Another convenient feature of the Dakota is the trigger pull weight can be adjusted without taking the action out of the stock. It can also be adjusted down to 1 pound for target shooting or increased for personal preference in the field. I have traditionally run my tactical training rifles with 2.5 pound triggers, so being able to run this trigger at 1 to 2 pounds makes it a pleasure to shoot.


Trigger pull weight can be adjusted without removing the action from the stock

From the Bullet Central web site – here are the features that make the Bix’n Andy Dakota trigger so special:

  • Fully Weather Resistant so that you can perform at your best no matter what mother nature throws at you.
  • Searless Design ensures simplicity and total reliability.
  • Single Stage trigger mechanism with a crisp release.
  • Rem 700 Model and all Rem 700 Style clone compatibility.
  • Ideal Over-Travel so that you do not interfere with the rifle’s position during fire.
  • Patented Ball Bearing Design with lifetime support guarantee.
  • Precision Machined Parts.
  • 1 lbs – 4.5 lbs (or 450g – 2,000g) Pull Weight for a wide range of adjustment.

For more info, go to

Stay tuned for additional field testing.



.300 WinMag being used to evaluate the Dakota trigger. This one is built on a Rem 700 action with a Bartlein barrel in a McMillan A6 stock with Badger M5 bottom metal and an Accu-Tac bipod. Scope is the Leupold Mark 8 3.5-25x56mm   

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