Why We Train….Riots and Mayhem

In more peaceful times we focus heavily on our training for recreational shooting and competitions, but we also need to remember why our founding fathers preserved our rights to keep and bear arms, enshrined in the Second Amendment.

We’ve all read stories about home and business owners being forced to defend their families and livelihoods with firearms. We also know that police response time is often  upwards of 20 minutes unless you live in a very affluent neighborhood. Twenty minutes is a long time when someone is breaking down your door. Now don’t get me wrong – I’m a huge supported of law enforcement and a former reserve police officer. But at the end of the day, or night, we know that our personal defense may be dependent on our own preparedness and skill with firearms.

A Blue Line Flag

I’ve got your six!

Now, with the rampant rioting, looting, arson, and assaults on innocent business owners,  we see that the police will simply not be there when need. One police chief in North Carolina categorically stated that she would not risk her officers to protect businesses or property. So what are those business owners paying taxes for? She needs to be fired, and she is not the only one.

What we are seeing in these riots is hundreds of police officers lined up in front of the “peaceful” protesters, who are also shielding the anarchists and rock throwers, while anarchists and looters destroy shops, businesses, and neighborhoods two or three blocks away. And these are not just high-end shops — these are Dollar stores, 7-11s, drug stores, and mom & pop corner stores.


     Looters on 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica 

While this is happening in cities all over the United States, one of the most graphic examples was the looting in affluent Santa Monica. While the Santa Monica police faced off with protesters on Ocean Avenue near the iconic Santa Monica pier, and LA Sheriff’s deputies lined up on 2nd Street, gangs of rioters and looters raided the shops on 3rd Street Promenade with total impunity.


Police holding the line while thugs and looters raid 3rd Street Promenade three blocks way. Extremely poor planning by the chief of police who is now being petitioned to resign.  

Even after seeing the looting and arson in dozens of other cities over the previous days and nights, including nearby Fairfax and Melrose, the Santa Monica mayor and chief of police failed to protect their landmark shopping center. Police were not re-deployed to protect the shops or business owners, and looters were seen running passed a line of deputies with their arms full of booty. No one did anything because they were told to hold the line. The mayor’s excuse was that if the police had been sent to 3rd Street then people would have been hurt. A completely inane excuse.

This clearly illustrates why, when the shit really hits the fan, the police will not be deployed to protect you or respond to your cries for help. You’re on your own while the do-nothing governors, mayors, and weak-ass elected officials dither and debate the importance of free speech. These same blue state governors, mayors, and police chiefs, who are sworn to up hold the law and protect the people, bow to their own socialist values, television optics, liberal news media, and vocal activists. They forget that the Rule of Law is the very foundation of a civilized society; not “crime without consequence” that we are currently seeing. I’m sure that hundreds, if not thousands, of dedicated law enforcement officers are ashamed of their gutless mayors, city council members, and chiefs of police.

CQB LightRail2

So just as you changed the way you lived, shopped, and prepared for the poorly conceived lock-down during the COVID pandemic, (hoarding barricades of toilet paper), you need to give some thought to what you would do when a gang of anarchists and looters enter your neighborhood. The best thing you can do is beef up your home security and stay current in your skills with firearms. And equally important, continue educating yourself on the legal aspects of self defense and the judicious use of deadly force.

Remember – no one is coming to help you. You are on your own!



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