FCSA ELR Matches in Raton, NM

This week was the first major competition for Team Global Precision competing as a team. Paul and Derek have been competing together in both FTR and ELR matches for years, making Mark the new addition to the team.

Team GPG Mark Lonsdale

Team Global Precision – Derek Rodgers, Paul Phillips, Mark Lonsdale

The first match was the 2019 Fifty Caliber Shooters’ Assn (FCSA) ELR Record Match at the NRA Whittington Center in Raton, NM. For those who have never been to the Whittington Center, it is well worth the visit and annual membership is very affordable.

FCSA Raton

Site of the FCSA ELR Record Match at the NRA Whittington Center in Raton, NM

The ELR record match was shot on the south range with targets at 2,300, 2,585, and 2,725 yards. Weather was cold and clear but wind was brutal. The 40F temp was sufficient to slow my muzzle velocity from 3,000 fps to 2,950 fps with my .416 Barrett.

Mark Lonsdale .416 Barrett

Mark Lonsdale’s .416 Barrett with a BAT action and Bartlein barrel, bedded into a McMillan Beast-2 stock by Alex Sitman, and topped with a Nightforce ATACR 7-35x scope. Ammunition is Cutting Edge 550 grain Lazers loaded into Barrett/Ruag brass and pushed by VihtaVouri powder.

Proof that the wind conditions were tough, no one scored hits on all three targets in round one, and only four shooters scored hits at 2,725 years. Being one of this successful shooters earned me 3rd place, but it was definitely a team effort with Derek spotting and Paul calling wind. In round two later in the day, only one shooter scored a hit on the record attempt target at 2,300 yards.

Mark-Lonsdale 3rd

Team Global Precision’s Mark Lonsdale taking 3rd place in the FCSA ELR World Record Attempt Match, Raton, NM

The next day, Team Global Precision shot in the FCSA 1.5 Mile ELR Match. Round 1 targets in the morning were at 1,040 yds, 1,080 yds, 1,380 yds, and 1,801 yds. Round 2 were at 1,040 yds, 1,991 yds, 2,267 yds, and 2,650 yds – all with strong, gusting and rapidly changing winds.

FCSA Targets

The 1,040 yard target was the 10” cold bore gong, and all three members of Team Global Precision successfully hit this with their morning cold bore shots. That is pretty good considering the gong is smaller than 1 MOA at over 1,000 yards.

As part of the preparation for both matches, on the first day team members chronographed their loads early in the morning at 40F temps, and then again in the afternoon at 60F temps. There was a 25 fps difference in muzzle velocity. For my rifle it was 2,950 in the morning and 2,975 fps later in the day as things warmed up. An accurate MV is critical to long range shooting and needed for input into the Kestrel 5700 or Applied Ballistics analytics.

GPG Kestrel Garmin

Team Global Precision, Derek Rodgers, Paul Phillips, and Mark Lonsdale, all utilizing the Kestrel 5700 and Garmin 701 Foretrex loaded with Applied Ballistics solvers. 

After the first day of the FCSA 1.5 Mile ELR match, Derek was in 2nd place, Mark in 3rd, and Paul in 5th, however some excellent shooters on Day 2 knocked us down the score sheet with Steve Ream taking top honors. The conditions were warmer but the wind was not cooperating. We had winds gusting well over 15 mph from 6 o’clock (behind), but as they hit the base of the mountains, the winds created an up slope updraft that caused shots out passed 2,000 yards to go high. But just when you thought you had that wind doped, it would switch to a gusting 9 o’clock (left to right) pushing bullets 20 feet to the right. A very challenging day but good practice for Ko2M next month.

Lonsdale Mark Day 2

Team Global Precision preparing to shoot the FCSA 1.5 Mile ELR Match. Mark Lonsdale shooting, Derek Rodgers spotting, and Paul Phillips calling wind. 

Special thanks to FCSA, Randy Powell, Walt Wiltinson, and Shane Saavedra for making this match a great success.


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