New Stock from McMillan – the A6

A6 Atlas1

McMillan A6 stock with Graphite shell and molded in Woodland Carbon Ambush camo, adjustable cheek rest, and spacer system to adjust length of pull (LOP). Atlas Tactical action; 6.5 Creedmoor Bartlein medium Palma barrel cut to 24″; Badger M5 bottom metal; Nightforce ATACR 7-35x56mm scope 

The A6, which has been rolled out in time for Shot Show 2018, is similar to the iconic A5 in many respects, however, the fore-end has a squarer profile making it ideally suited for PRS/NRL type barricade shooting.

Squared fore-end on the A6 stock

A6 Atlas-Bartlein

You can see in this image how the flat fore-end affords the A6 added stability on any flat surface or barricade

Since this is my first 6.5 Creedmoor (no jokes please), I have been chronographing a variety of factory loads. With a Bartlein medium Palma profile, 1:8″ twist cut to 24 inches, on a 50F degree morning at sea level, factory ammunition results were: Hornady Match 147 ELD averaged 2,670 fps; Hornady Match 140 ELD averaged 2,726 fps; and Federal Berger 130 Hybrids came in at 2,829 fps. The 140s seemed to group the best, but still early days and more testing to come. Will also be working up some hand loads  with the Berger Long Range 140 grain BT Target in Peterson brass, when I get back from Shot Show.

6.5CM Ammo


More to follow



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