ELR Central World Record Event



 Las Vegas, NV – Sunday, 21 Jan 2018

Location:         Front Sight Range, 1 Front Sight Road, Pahrump, NV 89061

Time:               Registration: 0600-0700         Range Brief: 0700

Morning Relays: 0800-1000   Afternoon Relays: 1400-1600

Awards Dinner: 1800 – 2000 at Pahrump Valley Winery

Entry Fee:        $50.00

Registration, contact: Kathy.Barnhart@appliedballisticsllc.com (231) 468-1231

RULES (Rev 10)

The following rules have been established to standardize the requirements for a recognized ELR Central World Record attempt, while managing 50 shooters in an efficient manner. Multiple shooters will be on the line simultaneously, waiting their turn to shoot. The order of shooters will be selected randomly prior to the beginning of the relay.

  1. The World Record will be 3 out of 3 direct impacts on a 36-inch square plate with no practice shots or sighters.
  2. One rifle per shooter for both attempts. Two shooters cannot share one rifle.
  3. Shooters will not shoot their rifles within 4 hours of this ELR World Record attempt; except for a 100-yard confirm zero.
  4. No limit on caliber, cartridge or bullet. No restriction on optics or aiming devices.
  5. Rifle weight limit of 50 pounds including anything attached to the rifle (optics, bipod, sling, etc.) No heavy Rail Guns or bolted down shooting systems.
  6. Shooters may have one spotter, and the shooter and spotter must stay as a team. Spotters can work with only one shooter for the day.
  7. Shooters are permitted to shoot and spot only once in a 4 hour period. A shooter from the first relay can spot for his spotter in the second relay so that both can shoot. Shooter and spotter cannot shoot in the same relay.
  8. There must be a minimum of 4 hours before shooters can attempt another World Record. For example, once in the morning, once in the afternoon.
  9. No more than two (2) World Record attempts in one day.
  10. The target will be 36 inches square. If there are hits on the target and there is a way to mark them on the monitor, it will be at the discretion of the Match Director to decide when the target should be re-painted.
  11. Targets will be located at distances from 1500-2500+ yards. Distance to the target will be announced on the day of the match and measured from the center of the firing line. The range will be verified +/- 5 yards with at least two (2) laser range finders.
  12. Shooters are still responsible for ranging their own targets from their shooting position on the line. ELR Central will provide rangefinders if shooters don’t have them.
  13. The Match Director will be impartial and will not coach or assist any shooters.
  14. The ROs will establish the shooting order and give range commands. The shooting order will be established by random draw.
  15. Shooting will be done from the any position, to include prone, sitting, kneeling or standing with a bipod or tripod. Shooters may have one rear bag to support the toe of the stock.
  16. Accommodations will be made for individuals with physical restrictions at the Match Director’s discretion.
  17. Shooters will be divided into relays. On command, all shooters and spotters in the relay will line up on the firing line behind their rifles and spotting scopes.
  18. There will be a time limit of 3 minutes per shooter once the individual command to fire is given.
  19. Once the shooter has been given the command to fire, no other person can assist or communicate with the shooter except the spotter.
  20. The next shooter on the line should be prepared to shoot immediately following the previous shooter and when commanded by the RO.
  21. “Impact” will be clearly announced by the Match Director or his designate for everyone to hear.
  22. Impacts on target must be a direct hit. Skip shots or ricochets will not be scored.
  23. Every attempt will be made to video all shooters for World Records. World Records must be witnessed and verified by 5 witnesses including the Match Director.
  24. Any existing record must be broken by at least 10 yards.
  25. If a shooter has a spotter, they will both be named as the “World Record Team.”
  26. If a shooter shoots without a spotter, he or she will be named as the “World Record Individual.”
  27. If more than one shooter scores 3 for 3 at a given distance, both shooters will hold the World Record until another shooter goes 3 for 3 at a longer distance.
  28. After a World Record setting performance, the exact range will be re-measured from the shooter’s shooting position to the target. The shooter’s rifle may also be weighed at this time to ensure that it is under the 50 pound limit.
  29. All shooters and spectators will be required to sign a liability release waiver.
  30. It is encouraged to pre-register and complete a waiver
  31. Additional administrative and range safety rules will be given at the pre-match range brief. Rifles will be cased or actions open with an empty chamber indicator flag.
  32. Match Director and ROs reserve the right to remove any shooter from the line and from the event for unsafe rifle handling.

ELR Central Personal Best Record Attempt

  1. If a shooter misses the first shot, he or she will be given two (2) more attempts to make an impact, but still within the 3 minute time limit. This will not be for record or certificate.
  2. Certificates will be awarded for making 3 for 3 impacts at the shooter’s longest distance. For example, 1500, 1600, 2000, etc.


Please contact the event organizer with any questions: Paul Phillips (734) 347-8024

Pauls Rifles







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