Equipment Checklist for FTR

By Mark V. Lonsdale

In a previous article we discussed recreational shooters turning up at the range with no tools to tighten their scope mounts or action bolts. I’ve also been on the range when shooters had forgotten their ammunition or left other critical gear at home. For these shooters it is just an annoying inconvenience, but for a serious competitive shooter it can blow the whole match.

A5 Line Equipment

On the 600 yard line for a mid-range FTR match. Rifle is a Kelbly Atlas with a 30″ Bartlein Heavy Palma in a McMillan A5 fiberglass stock with 3-way adjustable butt-plate  

After driving several hours, spending money on a hotel, meals, and paying a registration fee, the last thing you want is to to find that you’ve forgotten something. And yet at every competition you will hear at least one competitor griping about something they forgot. Believe it or not, one competitor had even forgotten his competition rifle. The previous day at the range he had his .22LR training rifle in the same case he used for his FTR rifle, and at zero dark early, headed out the door for a match, he forgot to switch rifles. He just grabbed the case and headed to the range. This is why you need a pre-competition ritual of checking all you gear the night before.

So with this in mind, here is a checklist of essential and useful items.

FTR Competition Checklist

  • Rifle w/ scope and bipod (check torque on bolts and screws the night before)
  • Tools to adjust butt plate and check action bolts
  • Cleaning rod
  • Spare trigger
  • Rifle case to protect the rifle
  • Ammo in suitable ammo boxes
  • Chamber flag / empty chamber indicator
  • Ear protection (plugs and/or muffs)
  • Shooting glasses
  • Wind meter / Kestrel
  • Cart (where needed)
  • Rain cover for scope, rifle, ammunition

On the Line:

  • Shooting mat
  • Front bipod pad / board (and spare bipod)
  • Rear bag with extra spacer boards for sloping berms (Dead Bottom bag)
  • Small Clipboard for score card
  • Pen / Pencil
  • Timer / Stopwatch
  • Chair / stool
  • Spotting scope / scope stand

Comfort Items:

  • Hat and sunglasses
  • Rain gear
  • Sun block
  • Mosquito repellant (where required)
  • Small sweat towel
  • Water / Drinks
  • Snacks


Note: Special thanks to Derek Rodgers and Paul Phillips for the additional tips and input 


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