Anatomy of an Extreme Long Range Rifle

By Mark V. Lonsdale

Ten-time National Champion and Team USA World championship shooter, Paul Phillips, also with Team AB, was kind enough to share the specs on his King of 2 Miles (Ko2M) rifle. This rifle is a veritable beast of an ELR rifle, at a fighting weight of 46 pounds, and the product of a true team effort.

Paul Phillips 375 LM BigMacStock

Paul Phillips with his .375 Lethal Magnum with a 38″ Bartlein barrel. Paul was running this Big mac stock while he was waiting for his McMillan ELR Beast (see pics below)

The rifle is a .375 Lethal Magnum built by 2016 Ko2M champion Mitchell Fitzpatrick of Lethal Precision Arms. The rifle was built on a BAT 50 action with a Bix n’ Andy trigger, a 38” Bartlein 1:7.5” twist barrel, bedded by Alex Sitman into a McMillan ELR Beast stock provided by Kelly McMillan. Mounted on a 75 MOA rail, the scope is a Nightforce Optics 7-35×56 ATACR which provided sufficient vertical adjustment to reach out to 2 miles. Shooting was done from the prone position off a Phoenix Precision F-TR bi-pod

Paul P

Paul shooting in the 2017 Ko2M with his .375 Lethal Mag in the McMillan ELR Beast stock and topped with the Nightforce 7-35×56 ATACR 

The Cutting Edge Lazer Max 400 grain .375 projectiles were loaded into Bertram brass, formed by Lethal Precision, with Paul doing all the load development himself. Ballistic support was provided by Bryan Litz of Applied Ballistics and Team AB equipped with Kestrel Elite wind and weather meters with the Applied Ballistics analytics software. The team also had the new Garmin Foretrex 701 GPS and the Sig Kilo 2400 rangefinders, both with AB analytics

For more information on all the members of Team AB and the 2017 Ko2M, check out the latest October issue of RECOIL magazine.

Team AB ko2m1710

Team AB at the 2017 Ko2M. Paul 2nd from left standing. Derek Rodgers kneeling (L) with his winning .375 CheyTac with a Barnard action, 36″ barrel, and McMillan ELR Beast stock.


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  1. thomas says:

    Wait till you get to try the “revised” ELR BEAST.


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