Badger Ordnance Bottom Metal

For hunting and many forms of rifle competition, the integral magazine system is adequate. Very rarely does the competent hunter require more than two or three rounds to ensure the kill, and in many bolt action rifle competitions rounds are loaded singly. However, military snipers and precision rifle shooters (PRS) require more rounds and easier reloading.

Here at STTU we have been using Badger Detachable Magazine (BDM) systems for over 20 years. In that time they have proven to be well made, easy to fit and, most importantly, rugged and reliable.

Badger-Ordnance Enhanced

Badger Ordnance BDM M5 Enhanced PRS Triggerguard

The flagship Badger system is the M5 BDM, which is the same system used by the USMC and made from aircraft grade aluminum, with a Mil Spec anodized hard coating. The standard magazine is the AI style metal 5-rounder. The release is a vertical tab directly behind the magazine.

The M5 Enhanced PRS Triggerguard has a barricade block on the front of the magazine well and the magazine release is contours to the triggerguard.  Both come with mounting bolts and machined bedding pillars.

Lima-51 Leupold Mark 8 Badger

STTU Tac Ops Lima 51 with Badger M5 Enhanced Triggerguard in a McMillan M40A3 stock and topped with a Leupold Mark 8 scope and mounts



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